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being alone with your friends parents


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5 Seconds of Summer // US Album (Target Deluxe Version) 

download the full album here // x

this album includes the 4 exclusive tracks for Target:

13. Tomorrow Never Dies // x or x or x (right click & save as)

14. Independence Day // x or x or x (right click & save as)

15. Close As Strangers // x or x or x (right click & save as)

16. Out of My Limit //x or x or x (right click & save as)

Album is out the 22nd of July! Make sure to make the purchase here:

iTunes // x 

Target // x

Listen to the 8Tracks playlist here // x

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Tomorrow Never Dies // 5 Seconds of Summer // x

full album here

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5 Seconds of Summer - Mrs All American

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We are gathered here today because SOMEBODY *glares at coffin* couldn’t stay alive.

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freshman year


senior year


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An opinion without 3.14159 is just an onion.

Guys this isnt even funny. Please stop.

that took too long to figure out

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sO my friend’s dog died and she lives in new york city and so she had to take it to the vet by the subway and she put the dead dog in the suitcase on the subway and it was a pretty big dog and some dude saw that she was struggling with the suitcase so he asked if she needed help with it and he said do you mind me asking what’s in it and she didnt want to say a dead dog so shE SAID IT WAS A BUNCH OF LAPTOPS SO HE TOOK THE SUITCASE AND RAN AND I JUST 

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this is rape culture, and it has got to stop.  stay strong jada.


this is rape culture, and it has got to stop.  stay strong jada.

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ain’t it fun calum

lukes accent when he swears got me on my knees

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The three kids I babysit were so confused when I laughed so hard I almost fell off the couch when this part came on.  

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I don’t know what sparked me to draw this 

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Self Titled Album “5 Seconds of Summeme” Tracklist


1. She Looks So Derpin’

2. Kiss Me(me) Kiss Me(me)

3. Everything I Didn’t Troll

4. Good Derpinas

5. English Meme Affair

6. Heartbreak Derpina

7. Amemesia

8. Memelight

9. Beside FFFFUUUU

10. Troll Way Home

11. Meme Up Here

12. Lost Derp

13. Voodoo Troll

14. Never Meme

15. Social Casualmeme

16. Memeteen

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